Why Participate?

Many different people can use our assemblage of photos in many different ways and your participation can help to fill in knowledge gaps and raise awareness of the issues surrounding sea level rise.

Coastal Planners/managers

2012 King Tides Sausalito, CA

Visual aids demonstrate the way our daily tides may look in the future due to sea level rise as well as the existing vulnerabilities connected with extreme high tides and coastal flooding.

  • Documentation of pictures can show a “living record of change” over the course of ays, weeks, months, and year’s as well as help in the planning and preparing for different weather events.

Decision-makers (i.e. state and local policymakers)

KEYT in Santa Barbara covering 2012 King Tides w/Santa Barbara Channelkeeper

Highlights the legitimacy for discussions about activities, development, access, and conservation efforts occurring along the coast.

  • Visual aids can be used to support or challenge a proposal or idea.
  • Brings to the table two important perspectives: public and science


Romberg Tiburon Center Laboratory

Supports research, projects, and/or grant proposal with quality data.

  • Visual aids provide context to research and tell the data’s story with more than just numbers.
  • Covers a much broader spatial and temporal scale that would otherwise be impractical for individual scientists to investigate [1].

The Public

Kayaker enjoying the Humboldt Bay Liscom Slough @ Jackson Ranch Road, Arcata

Gets you connected to the science.

  • Teaches you more about your environment, the powerful forces within it and how it is changing.
  • Directly contributes to important research being done now.
  • Gets you outside and to see something cool!