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New Year’s Eve Nature Walk: Watchin’ the Tide Roll In at Rush Ranch

The Solano Land Trust is hosting a King Tides Walk from 11 AM to 1 PM on Tuesday, December 31st. The walk includes tours of some of the California King Tides Initiative’s Citizen Science Monitoring Locations. Check out the details below and contact the Solano Land Trust at daviess@sfsu.edu to sign up!

SOLANO COUNTY – Celebrate New Year’s Eve learning about science while watching the tide roll across Rush Ranch’s wild wetland. Join scientist and educator Sarah Ferner on Tuesday, December 31st from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. for a short walk near the edge of Suisun Marsh during one of the highest high tides of the year – a King Tide. Nature should put on a quietly beautiful show as the rising tide slowly floods the marsh. Participants will learn about Suisun Marsh, scientific research occurring there, and what King Tides can teach us about sea level rise. Bring your camera to participate in California King Tide Initiative’s citizen science photo monitoring. Space is limited and advance registration is required via e-mail to Sarah at daviess@sfsu.edu.

Bring a backpack with plenty of water and snacks, boots or sturdy closed-toe shoes with good tread, long, sturdy pants and layered clothes that provide protection from the elements (sun, wind, fog, rain, cold). Hiking sticks, bug repellent and binoculars are also recommended. Plan to walk on trails that may be wet or muddy and stand still in windy conditions. This event is primarily for adults, though interested young people are welcome. The walk will proceed rain or shine because stormy weather creates an even more interesting scene.

Meet in the courtyard outside the Rush Ranch Nature Center. The Ranch is located at 3521 Grizzly Island Road near Suisun City, about 2 miles south of the Highway 12/Sunset Avenue/Grizzly Island Road intersection. For questions, call 707-432-0150 x200 or email volunteer@solanolandtrust.org.

Additional Links

Guide to Citizen Science — UK Environmental Observation Framework – PDF

The History of Public Participation in Ecological Research – PDF

Participatory Science and Education: Bringing Both Views into Focus – PDF

International Citizen Science: Making the Local Global – PDF

A True Partnership – PDF

Citizen Science Comes of Age – PDF

Current State of Citizen Science as a Tool for Ecological Research and Public Engagement – PDF

Describing Public Participation in Scientific Research – PDF

The Future of Citizen Science: Emerging Technologies and Shifting Paradigms – PDF

UK Biodiversity Indicators in Your Pocket 2012 – PDF

Learn more…

Other citizen science projects happening NOW in California!

California Coastkeeper Alliance:
CCKA unites 12 local Waterkeeper programs to fight for swimmable, fishable and drinkable water for California communities and ecosystems. CCKA and local Waterkeeper groups develop, implement and defend policies that meet the needs of California’s distinct communities and ecosystems. They involve the public by providing them with the tools and information needed to hold decision-makers accountable and to be effective local water stewards.
Visit http://www.cacoastkeeper.org/ to learn more.

MPA Watch Network – 
There are a number of MPA Watch programs along the California coasts that are dedicated to conserving the natural environment, its resources, and the communities around them. These citizen science based programs encourage community action and participation by training their volunteers on how to accurately collect scientific data on coastal and marine resource use.

Southern California – http://www.healthebay.org/
Los Angeles Waterkeeper – https://lawaterkeeper.org/volunteer/
Montara Marine Reserve – http://www.fitzgeraldreserve.org/newffmrsite/volunteer/
Orange County Coastkeeper – http://www.coastkeeper.org/mpa-watch/
The Otter Project – http://www.otterproject.org/get-involved/volunteer/
San Diego Coastkeeper – http://www.sdcoastkeeper.org/act/volunteer-in-san-diego.html
WiLDCOAST – http://www.wildcoast.net/

California Academy of Sciences: The Academy is involved in several citizen science projects that directly contributes to ongoing research for the Academy researchers. Learn more and participate in their biodiversity surveys on the MT. Tamalpais Watershed, in the intertidal zone at Pillar Point and throughout the San Francisco Bay.  To learn more visit: http://www.calacademy.org/science/citizen_science/

Group Projects

2 or more people…

Researchers and decision makers come together at a CTP workshop

Pick a couple of locations nearby to each other. Pack a lunch and make it a day trip. Keep track of where and what order on your camera each photo was taken as you go from site to site. Don’t forget to upload and tag them on flickr.


Pick a couple locations that have other activities going on. A good place to start would be China Camp or Rush Ranch. Both of these National Estuarine Research Reserve (NERR) sites have professionally led nature walks throughout the week as well as a visitor’s center. Pack a lunch, family, friends and the camera. Go hike and take some pictures while also learning about these beautiful protected areas and the wildlife they hold. Other locations near recreational parks such as the Don Edwards National Wildlife Refuge in the San Francisco Bay are also good places to go play for the day.

School groups

Combine science class with some fun photography!

  1. Interactive science project:Students sifting through a sediment sampleDevelop a short-term, hands-on project within your science curriculum that matches up with the winter king tide. Pick a monitoring location(s) to observe and take pictures before, during and after the king tides. Have your students observe the surrounding area, take notes on the physical environment, its condition, the wildlife within it etc. Have them draw or take pictures depending on your camera availability of the coast, tides, plants and wildlife. Have them present their findings to the class in a cool way (i.e. poster, song, lab report, powerpoint). You can also send us pictures and videos of the student presentations to add to our website. Don’t forget to upload the pictures to taken with their proper tag name to flikr!
  1. Long-term monitor:
    Become a long-term monitoring school participant! Incorporate a king tides science project into the annual curriculum and adopt a location that your students will visit year after year. Let us know what site you want to monitor and we will make sure you get updates on tidal times and heights for your location each year.2012 REU students outside the Romberg Tiburon Center
  2. Combo:
    Combine the two! Develop an interactive science project AND be a long-term monitor. Projects can range from tides, to wildlife, to ecosystem, to climate change. Put a different spin on the project each year, but still have your kids take pictures of the monitoring location and contribute to the data collection. 

Why Participate?

Many different people can use our assemblage of photos in many different ways and your participation can help to fill in knowledge gaps and raise awareness of the issues surrounding sea level rise.

Coastal Planners/managers

2012 King Tides Sausalito, CA

Visual aids demonstrate the way our daily tides may look in the future due to sea level rise as well as the existing vulnerabilities connected with extreme high tides and coastal flooding.

  • Documentation of pictures can show a “living record of change” over the course of ays, weeks, months, and year’s as well as help in the planning and preparing for different weather events.

Decision-makers (i.e. state and local policymakers)

KEYT in Santa Barbara covering 2012 King Tides w/Santa Barbara Channelkeeper

Highlights the legitimacy for discussions about activities, development, access, and conservation efforts occurring along the coast.

  • Visual aids can be used to support or challenge a proposal or idea.
  • Brings to the table two important perspectives: public and science


Romberg Tiburon Center Laboratory

Supports research, projects, and/or grant proposal with quality data.

  • Visual aids provide context to research and tell the data’s story with more than just numbers.
  • Covers a much broader spatial and temporal scale that would otherwise be impractical for individual scientists to investigate [1].

The Public

Kayaker enjoying the Humboldt Bay Liscom Slough @ Jackson Ranch Road, Arcata

Gets you connected to the science.

  • Teaches you more about your environment, the powerful forces within it and how it is changing.
  • Directly contributes to important research being done now.
  • Gets you outside and to see something cool!

What are the King Tides?

For a great overview of the California King Tides Initiative, the Thank You Ocean campaign has produced a podcast about the Initiative, featuring Marina Psaros of the San Francisco Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve. Check it out here, or on the video below.


“King Tides” are high tides that occur when the gravitational pull of the sun and the moon are in alignment. When these tides happen at the same time as stormy weather (as is often the case during California’s winters), water levels can rise even higher. These high water levels can show us how higher sea levels due to climate change might impact our communities in the future.

While tides themselves are not affected by climate change, the climate and weather do influence coastal sea levels through storm surges, the El Niño/La Niña-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) and Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO) cycles and other factors. Resulting high tides from a c combination of these conditions can cause widespread damage from flooding and erosion.


Seasonal high tide events can provide a preview of what we might experience regularly in the future as a result of rising sea levels. The King Tide Photo Initiative is an opportunity to share what you see in your community with others through Flickr. Everyone is welcome to participate!

The objectives of the King Tide Photo Initiative are to:

  • Engage Californians in a conversation about the future of our beloved coastal areas
  • Identify and catalog coastal areas that are currently vulnerable to tidal inundation
  • Build an online resource of images that can be used by everyone – be that artists, high school students, public servants, non-profit organizations, scientists – to communicate about coastal hazards


Increases in global sea levels have been recorded by NOAA tide gauges for many years, and more recent observations have been collected by NASA satellites. The steady rise in sea levels has been attributed to both a warming expansion of the oceans and contributions from melting glaciers and land-based ice sheets. Climate modeling combined with these direct observations suggest sea level rise will continue well into the future with significant implications for California’s coastal communities. During extreme high tide events, we can get an idea of what a permanent rise in sea level might look like in our communities.